Club Documents

Key documents for all our club members can be downloaded from here. All files are in .pdf format.

[pdf_attachment file=”5″ name=”2018 Club Field & Safety Rules”] – Essential reading for all Club members. Now updated to cover the new flying site layout.

[pdf_attachment file=”1″ name=”Club Constitution”] – New 2018 Version. These are the rules that govern how the Club is run and managed.

[pdf_attachment file=”4″ name=”Privacy policy”] – Explains how the Club stores and looks after the personal data of its members

[pdf_attachment file=”8″ name=”FPV Safety Notice”] June 2016 version for all FPV flyers in our club.

[pdf_attachment file=”6″ name=”Noise testing report & new flying Times 2017″]

[pdf_attachment file=”7″ name=”LAMMAC Covid-19 Risk Assessment & Advice”]

Listing of Club Members and Officials – An up to date list of all club members can be obtained on request from the club Membership Secretary, Peter Sandford, who can be contacted by WhatsApp or email. Or use the Contact Us form.