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Posted 20th Oct 17

Hurricane Ophelia, you can’t keep a slope soarer down!


Posted 17th Oct 17

Bury Metro Swapmeet












Posted 15th Oct 17

The 2017 Blackpool Model Show will be taking place on the weekend of the 21st & 22nd of October, across 2 large halls at the Norbreck Castle Hotel. For 2017 we will be building on the success of 2016 & adding even more to the event.



Posted 10th Oct 17

Indoor Flying at Lancaster & Morecambe College starts This Thursday 12th October 7:30 pm in the Sports Hall, Main Entrance (proof of BMFA req)

entrance fee £4 for LAMMAC members, juniors free( when accompanied)and spectators free.


Posted 10th Oct 17

BMFA Indoor flying at Springhill Sports Hall Rochdale, just off the M62

Starts this Sunday 15 th October 11:00 am until 4:00 pm only £4 ( proof of BMFA req)

Future dates;

12 November 2017
10 December 2017
14 January 2018
11 February 2018
11 March 2018
15 April 2018
13 May 2018


Posted 1st Sept 17

David Lloyd Jones, our BMFA NW manager submitted this invite.



Posted 26th July 17

Walter visited Quadcopters U.K. at Euxton, they have a great stock of quad racing goodies and are the most friendly guys you could wish to meet, they were happy to show him round the premises and their purpose built flying site, indeed Tom Smith the well known international FPV contestant showed off his skills and was happy to pose for the obligatory selfie. A warm welcome was extended to the guys to visit our club in the not too distant future



Walter, clutching his bag of goodies with Tom Smith.











Purpose built race track


Posted 26th July 17

On the 30th June our club premises were broken into, the thieves stole numerous items, club trainer planes and radios, generator, strimmer plus a few other items that will net them a small bit of spending money, if anyone has any info we can be contacted via our contact form.



Posted 12th June 17

This came from our Northern Area Manager.










Posted 3rd June 17

Our 2017 season is well under way now, the farmer has cut and collected all the grass from the field, the landing strip has been mowed and rolled and all is looking great. Wednesday has been nominated for our special ” Club Night” when we have a good attendance of fliers, visitors are welcome to come along and have a chat and see what we get up to.


.Posted15th May 2017

As you know a number of our club members are interested in Gliders, I have found this excellent reference source on Gliding sites in the U.K.,

Please let us know via our contact page if there is interest in creating a Slope Soaring/ Gliding section within this website


Posted 4th May 2017

Blackpool & Fylde model club Fly In Sunday 28th May 2017.



Posted 11th March 2017

It has come to the BMFA North West Area committee’s notice that certain receivers for Spektrum R/C outfits are being recalled by Horizon Hobbies.

If you click on the following link, it will give you all the details.

Please circulate this urgently to your members


David Lloyd-Jones (Area Chairman)

Posted 26th February 2017

on Saturday 25th Feb Five of our club instructors for 2017 attended the BMFA Achievement Workshop at Brighouse, this was an all day event consisting of talks and videos concerning all the relevant information to help instructors and examiners in Model flying clubs promote and assist club members who are considering taking their BPC, A, or B certificates in all disciplines.

For 2017 LAMMAC is actively supporting this initiative and invite members to put themselves forward to achieve the level of at least BPC ( Basic Proficiency Certificate), it must be pointed out that this is just voluntary and we hope that members will seek to obtain a personal achievement goal.

LAMMAC has been registered with the BMFA as a Drone friendly club and indeed the invitation to seek out personal achievement goals are extended to Helis as well as Multirotor fliers.

Further help and information can be found in the “Flying Start” and the ” BMFA Acheivement” elsewhere on this website, there are Videos and a quiz option (which includes all the answers) to be able to test out your knowledge of the mandatory questions that are part of the achievement scheme, this could be invaluable for potential club members taking their Certs .



          Posted 19th Jan 2017  Flight Fest 2016, Check this out.



Posted 7th Jan 2017

Check Our Club section for all the latest Documentation.

AGM minutes, Updated Constitution, Field Safety & Rules, New permitted flying times.

Posted 14th November 2016

LAMMAC AGM is coming up, At the Stork pub Conder Green Wed 7th December 2016, details to follow.

Martin Ireton is organising a LAMMAC members Social gathering, expected to be Sunday 4th December at a Indian venue, more details to follow, or contact Martin for update.

Posted 7th November 2016

Indoor Flying is starting,  see indoor matters for details.

Posted 14th October 2016in

Drone deliveries have started (check Drone Awareness menu)

There is talk of getting the tripwire and mattress down the field for some members😊

(You’ll understand after watching the video)

Posted 11th October 2016

Indoor flying starts this Sunday 16th October for the Winter Season at Turf Hill Sports Centre Rochdale

11:00 am until 4:00 pm.   BMFA cards must be shown.

 Posted 11th July 2016

There has been a lot of interest in our member’s Videos, so a “Members Contributions ” page has been introduced under ” Our Club”, check it out, contact Walter Audley if you have any of your own material to share.

Posted 8July 2016

first flight of a Multirotor Drone across the English Channel

Posted 2nd July 2016

I found this early offering from Martin Ireton, some of the longer serving club members might recognise.

Posted 14th June 2016

June Newsletter is available in Aerobites section.

Posted 14th June 2016

LAMMAC have introduced new club rules for FPV Flyers at our Jeremy Lane Site, available in our club documents.

Posted 7th May 2016


Hi All
I thought that a small update might be of interest.

Welcome to new members who have recently joined us, our LAMMAC total now stands at 53.

To help with communication between members, I have an updated list of contact details so I can help out if you need to get in touch with another member, of course if you sign up with the increasingly popular FREE WhatsApp on your smart phone its easy to keep in touch with all “ the happenings”( we now have 32 signed up). Get the app and contact Peter Sandford to be included.

The new Website has been working since February and is expanding gradually, there is a lot of info to be found there, club happenings, latest news, Club rules, and links to the use and rules of Drones, as well has several home grown videos that might make you chuckle, also links to the BMFA so you can catch up with the latest Club Bulletins. If anyone has any articles, comments, suggestions for the website please get in touch.

For those new members that aren’t aware of who’s who I’ve listed them here to help, I did ask for some piccies of them but they’ve come over all camera shy.

a. Chairman Mike Shepherd
b. Secretary Walter Audley
c. Treasurer Peter Sandford
d. Events David Smith & Philip Jenkins
e. 3 Extra Martin, Andy and Dave (Sallis)
f. John Jenkins

We have two trainer planes which can be operated on the “Buddy Box System” .

BMFA examiners,
Official examiners.
Bob Little
Mervyn Little

Club instructors. Willing to help out with newcomers for help and advice.
John Atkinson
Mike Shepherd
Thomas Leeming
Walter Audley

The Flying season is well under way now and Wednesday evenings has been nominated as “Club Night “so maybe we can see a few more of you down there.
The upgrade to the landing strip is complete; the grass has been cut and rolled.
Just for info, it takes about half an hour to mow the grass as long as it’s kept short so for those that are willing to help some instruction is available, if the grass is allowed to grow too long it can take four hours so the moral is little and often.

The Farmer has informed us that he will not populate the field with livestock for this season so we won’t need the electric fence (hoorah) but there will be bulls in the far field (Boo)so beware not to “land/Crash” there.( unless you are a good runner).
The farmer also notified me that he is going to install some new gateposts and fix the gate in the next few weeks, so no more struggling.

The agreed layout for the pilot’s area and the flying of fixed wing and quads/Helis is working well and has been well supported; of course the No Fly Zone is still in place, covering the Pit Area and Car park.

New signs are to be obtained for the gate and public footpath to warn of the existence of model flying. The location coordinates are going to be painted on the outside of the Cabin so that emergency services can be notified easily when you lose a finger or something and are not able to hold the key to get in the cabin.
There is a first aid box and an accident book in the cabin for members use.

For those that have noticed the work going on in the field on the other side of the road and the addition of the gate, it has been taken by a couple who are going to develop and landscape it for a nature area and the use of their own horses. In that respect it won’t be of any consequence to our club.

Thanks all


Posted 20th April 2016

Weston Park Model Air Show june18th/19th 2016

Have a look at this Compilation from previous Weston Park Model Show.


Posted 1st April 2016

all club members should have received our April Newsletter, if not it can be found in Aerobites section.



Posted 1st April 2016

If you are going to get one, get a big one, this is new member Simon’s Helicopter, that’s a 450 size beside it just for scale.

If you've got it Flaunt it
If you’ve got it Flaunt it


RPosted 25th March 2016

A big thanks to all that supported indoor flying at LMC, our winter session has ended. Light nights are soon to be here so maybe we can nominate Wednesday as “Club Night” for this year, meanwhile here is a view of our newly improved flying site courtesy of Mike Shepherd flying his new Trojan T28, beautiful.


Posted 11March 2016 

The Flite Test Team, Josh & Austen report on the upcoming Fest this summer, this is how to do it.


Posted 10th Mar 2016

Sunday March 13th Rochdale Indoor Fly-in BMFA NW area 11:00 to 16:00 £4  BMFA cards must be shown. fixed Wing flying, 20 minute slots for Shockies, Scale and Free flight.   Spring Hill Sports Centre, Turf Hill Road ( five mins off the M62 at Milnrow)

Posted 8 th March 2016

Committee Meeting Mar 2nd,  New Club Constitution and Field Safety Rules are available in the documents section of our club.[Here]

Posted 6th March 2016

Many of you know that Michael Bullen works for Monarch Airways , he has details of a 20% saving on Monarch flights. Contact him for more information.

Posted 6th March 2016

Lancaster University is competing in the BMFA Heavy lift challenge this year and have asked if they can test their entry model on our landing strip, naturally we support them in their endeavours and wish them success.

Posted 28th Feb 2016














Posted Feb 2nd 2016

If you’re thinking of buying the new Spektrum DX’s Transmitters, I learnt that the DSM2 technology has been banned for new transmitters in the EU, so they only support DSMX, therefore won’t bind to your older receivers, check before you buy!


Posted Jan 31st 2016


At least half of club members are using the FREE WhatsApp to communicate and find out whose down or going to the field, download the App onto your smartphone then contact Peter Sandford to be included in the “Flying?” Group, easy!


Posted 28th Jan 2016.

Last year, Vulcan Bomber XH558 did its last flight, this was caught on camera by an enthusiast up in Cumbria