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Posted 28th Jan 2018

Parlick, near Chipping, one of the local slope soaring sites around our region.


Posted 27th Jan 2018

Welcome to 2018 at LAMMAC, our AGM was held back in Dec 2017, 15 members attended, about a third of the membership, sandwiches and chips were served to all half way through the proceedings, a full report of the Minutes will be distributed in the fullness of time elsewhere. All the past committees were reinstated with the exception of secretary change, Martin Ireton takes over the role.

As we move into 2018 there has not been much activity at the field, the constant inclement weather has taken its toll and prevented any outdoor flying.


indoors however at Lancaster and Morecambe College has continued with a regular support of fliers, consisting of fixed wing and quad flying becoming the norm, it’s been refreshing to see a few home made offerings from our members flying and long may that continue. On the quad flying, FPV has been enthusiastically received, a small course is a regular feature and after some experimenting with the video transmitting channels all is going well without channel clashes. Indoor Flying is set to continue on Thursday evenings going forward into March, when hopefully the weather will take pity and let us fly on our field again. 

The winter is always a good time to plan those models for the summer and I’ve been finding out what’s happening at the moment, Martin Smith is building a Chris Foss Wots Wott   

David Collier has several Foamboard models on the go, a Seagull Jumper 25, a small chuckie glider that he’s going to covert to power and he’s acquired a new DX6 with a tiny indoor plane, look carefully at the picture or you might miss it. 



John Atkinson, Thomas and myself have become intrigued with Autogyros although the flying of them has been very elusive so far, examples of foamy ones called Whippits, are due for test flights as soon as weather permits, larger kits from Sarikhobbies , namely the Autogyro RPG model that comes as a wood pack and has a 1.3m rotor are being constructed by John and myself.
Thomas, John and I are hoping to attend an Autogyro Fly in held during the summer.





Lewis Wood is on with a Goblin heli and the HK Big Stick, having built up his own Emax Babyhawk Quad from components from Flite Test. Lewis has studied the software programming medium and is quite proficient in Cleanflight, Betaflight and Baseflight that is used on the Flight control boards, indeed his services have been sought by several of our quad enthusiasts, who by the way are looking forward to those days down the field when it could be possible to organise a race or two??



Happy days down down the field.!






The field is to acquire it second bench at last, older club members might remember Neil Taylor who was very proactive several years ago and brought much to the club before his untimely demise, the donation is in recognition of his much appreciated efforts.


Since the closure of Lancaster Model shop due to retirement there has been a gap in model supplies in this area, this is soon to be rectified however, a new shop is in the process of being born, in Albert Rd Morecambe, Danny Modeland Hobbyworld has finally received planning permission for the shop front, if you’re on Facebook, check him out.


We don’t realise how fortunate we are up here in the NW, I’ve put a link on our site to the BMFA NW website, we have the most concentration of clubs in the BMFA, over 130 , in our area, check it out, there are links to all the the clubs, including details of all their scheduled events and activities for the coming year, along with location where they can be found if you’re wishing to visit and maybe take part in any events.


Last year the BMFA achievement scheme was agreed to be supported in our club but there wasn’t much interest for whatever reason, only one A Cert was awarded, that was me, so it can’t be that difficult, the mandatory questions aren’t easy to remember but there is an interactive quiz on this website that you can all easily access and Bob, Titch, our club examiners are willing to do demonstrations down the field and take you through the procedure, so practice figure of eight, take off and pass in both directions then land, how difficult is that?.







As you know, Mike Bullen lost his job when Monarch Airlines ceased,

Mike now starts his new employment with virgin Atlantic in March, so we won’t see him doing this anymore.


We all wish him all the best.😊






Posted 17th Dec 2017

Department of transport announces commitment to implement new rules for Drones.

Follow the story in our Drone awareness page.


Posted 20th Oct 17

Hurricane Ophelia, you can’t keep a slope soarer down!



Posted 10th Oct 17

Indoor Flying at Lancaster & Morecambe College starts This Thursday 12th October 7:30 pm in the Sports Hall, Main Entrance (proof of BMFA req)

entrance fee £4 for LAMMAC members, juniors free( when accompanied)and spectators free.


Posted 10th Oct 17

BMFA Indoor flying at Springhill Sports Hall Rochdale, just off the M62

Starts this Sunday 15 th October 11:00 am until 4:00 pm only £4 ( proof of BMFA req)

Future dates;

12 November 2017
10 December 2017
14 January 2018
11 February 2018
11 March 2018
15 April 2018
13 May 2018




Posted 26th July 17

Walter visited Quadcopters U.K. at Euxton, they have a great stock of quad racing goodies and are the most friendly guys you could wish to meet, they were happy to show him round the premises and their purpose built flying site, indeed Tom Smith the well known international FPV contestant showed off his skills and was happy to pose for the obligatory selfie. A warm welcome was extended to the guys to visit our club in the not too distant future



Walter, clutching his bag of goodies with Tom Smith.











Purpose built race track.

Posted 3rd June 17

Our 2017 season is well under way now, the farmer has cut and collected all the grass from the field, the landing strip has been mowed and rolled and all is looking great. Wednesday has been nominated for our special ” Club Night” when we have a good attendance of fliers, visitors are welcome to come along and have a chat and see what we get up to.


.Posted15th May 2017

As you know a number of our club members are interested in Gliders, I have found this excellent reference source on Gliding sites in the U.K.,

Please let us know via our contact page if there is interest in creating a Slope Soaring/ Gliding section within this website

Posted 26th February 2017

on Saturday 25th Feb Five of our club instructors for 2017 attended the BMFA Achievement Workshop at Brighouse, this was an all day event consisting of talks and videos concerning all the relevant information to help instructors and examiners in Model flying clubs promote and assist club members who are considering taking their BPC, A, or B certificates in all disciplines.

For 2017 LAMMAC is actively supporting this initiative and invite members to put themselves forward to achieve the level of at least BPC ( Basic Proficiency Certificate), it must be pointed out that this is just voluntary and we hope that members will seek to obtain a personal achievement goal.

LAMMAC has been registered with the BMFA as a Drone friendly club and indeed the invitation to seek out personal achievement goals are extended to Helis as well as Multirotor fliers.

Further help and information can be found in the “Flying Start” and the ” BMFA Acheivement” elsewhere on this website, there are Videos and a quiz option (which includes all the answers) to be able to test out your knowledge of the mandatory questions that are part of the achievement scheme, this could be invaluable for potential club members taking their Certs .



          Posted 19th Jan 2017  Flight Fest 2016, Check this out.

Posted 8July 2016

first flight of a Multirotor Drone across the English Channel

Posted 2nd July 2016

I found this early offering from Martin Ireton, some of the longer serving club members might recognise.

Posted 20th April 2016

Weston Park Model Air Show june18th/19th 2016

Have a look at this Compilation from previous Weston Park Model Show.

Posted 11March 2016 

The Flite Test Team, Josh & Austen report on the upcoming Fest this summer, this is how to do it.


Posted Jan 31st 2016


At least half of club members are using the FREE WhatsApp to communicate and find out whose down or going to the field, download the App onto your smartphone then contact Peter Sandford to be included in the “Flying?” Group, easy!


Posted 28th Jan 2016.

Last year, Vulcan Bomber XH558 did its last flight, this was caught on camera by an enthusiast up in Cumbria